The College of Archdeacons

Archdeaconry consists of more deaneries which are territorially and administratively merged together so as to more efficiently improve the pastoral care of parishes within the archdeaconry.

The Archdiocese of Zagreb is divided into five archdeaconries:
  • Cathedral Archdeaconry- Rev. Msgr. Josip Oslić, canon
  • Archdeaconry of Remete -Sesvete  - Rev. Msgr. Stjepan Kožul,canon
  • Archdeaconry of Karlovac –Gorica  - Rev. Josip Kuhtić, canon
  • Archdeaconry of Turopolje   - Rev. Msgr. Ivan Hren, canon
  • Archdeaconry of Zagorje - Rev. Msgr. Ivan Miklenić, canon