Inter-diocesan seminary

Address: Voćarska cesta 106, pp. 110, 10001 Zagreb
Phone number: +385 1 4697 222
Rector of the Seminary: mr. Domagoj Matošević

Inter-diocesan seminary is an educational institution for priesthood candidates in secondary schools. Since 1929, the Seminary is located on Šalata, one of Zagreb's hills and thanks to excellent educators, it has formed numerous priests and intellectuals among Croatian people. Until 1998, the Seminary has been managed by Jesuits, and since then by Diocesan priests.

Theological Seminary in the Archdiocese of Zagreb was founded back in 1564. by bishop Juraj Drašković. About three hundred years later, in 1827, bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovec founded a public orphanage in Zagreb, and bishop Aleksandar Alagović founded a similar institution in Požega.

These two institutions were used for upbringing of young people in the religious and moral spirit, and also received men and women who just didn't have the intention to devote to spiritual vocation.

Upon completion of World War I., in 1918., archbishop Antun Bauer put himself in task of building a theological seminary for boys. As experts in construction, architects who took part were Josip Vancaš and Dioniz Sunko, Jesuit Roman Kalčić and Luka Vukas. The commitee held 21 session.

Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik was also involved, and concluded ''that the structural basis was predicted for two boarding schools, one central building of the supreme direction, required dining room, chapel, a ceremonial hall, a building for the Sisters, connected with the kitchen and economic department, also one gymnasium with staff cabinets and one building for the teachers; in all, six buildings'' which was then decided at the last session of the year 1926.




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