Cathedral Chapter of Zagreb

Cathedral Chapter of Zagreb dates back from the very beginning of the Diocese of zagreb.

Bishop Duh brought with him 32 priests so they could serve God and assist him run the chapter. They called them officinarii ecclesiae and with the bishop they led a monastic life. That ‘vita communis’ way of life ceased in the 12th century.

In 1181 A.D. they were called ‘canons’, and first known rules of the Zagreb Chapter originate from 1334 A.D., i.e.1350A. D. The original document had been preserved and the rules were published in 1874 A. D.  Over time the number of canons has changed, from 32 to less. Today there are 14 canons.


  • Msgr. Ivan Šaško
  • Msgr. Ivan Miklenić
  • Msgr. Ivan Hren
  • Msgr  Josip Baloban
  • Msgr. Josip Oslić
  • Msgr. Juraj Batelja
  • Matija Berljak, PhD
  • Msgr. Mijo Gorski
  • Msgr. Lovro Cindori
  • Msgr. Stjepan Kožul
  • Msgr. Mr. Stjepan Večković
  • Msgr.  Tomislav Ivančić
  • Msgr. Vladimir Stanković
  • Msgr. Josip Kuhtić
  • Alojzije Hoblaj, PhD
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