Saints and Martyrs

Sr. M. Krizina Bojanc

Sister M. Krizina Bojanc, baptized as Josefa, was born on May  14, 1885, in the village Zbure near Šumarjetske Toplice in Slovenia, as the second of six children to Mihael Bojanc and Marija Bizjak.  She joined the Daughters of Divine Charity on December 28, 1921, at the age of 36. 

Three years later, her sister Angela - later known as Sr. M. Alfonza joined them as well. Sister Krizina took her vows on July 28, 1923. For the first two years she was in Betanija near Sarajevo and after that in Mary's home in Pale, Breške, and Tuzla. At her request, she was reassigned to Mary's home on April 16, 1939, where she stayed for the rest of her life.

She performed simple tasks. She took care of livestock and worked in the field. She cleaned, stitched, and ironed clothes.  She was timid and kind to people and domestic animals. Sister M. Regina Golčić said that she was "a model of a nun, simple, modest, conscientious and diligent", and Sr. M. Raphael Blatnik that she was ‘very pious, humble, quiet and an example to be followed’. Sister M. Valeria Trgovčević said that ‘all her life and work were an incessant prayer’, and Sr. M. Gumberta Smolin a Franciscan priest said about her: ‘That sister is a saint.’

The sisters were happy to confide in her. Sister Valeria said the following: ‘Our sister was simple and plain but her kindness and good manners were very appealing. You could easily confide in her without fear that your secrets would be revealed.’
Sister Krizina was especially devoted to the Mother of God. She prayed the Holy Rosary whenever she could.  ‘Mary, our good Mother! Our Help!’ is what she would always say.

Three days before she and her fellow sisters would be captured by the Chetniks in Mary's home in Pale, Sr. Krizina was in Sarajevo. Her sister Angela - Sr. Alfonza, upon hearing of the incessant gunfire around Pale, said to her: ‘Dear sister, come to Sarajevo so you do not get killed.’ She replied: ‘Nobody is going to kill us, we are not hurting anyone, we did not do anything wrong...’
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