Archdiocesan offices

Press office

The Press Office of the Archdiocese of Zagreb is an operational and professional body of the Archdiocese of Zagreb in charge of handling the media.

Duties of the Press Office:
- taking care of all aspects of media activity within the Archdiocese of Zagreb;
- connecting and setting the guidelines for parish media efforts;
- cooperating with the press office of the CBC as well as leading national media ecclesiastical institutions;
- cooperating with the public media;
- communicating and providing information about national and local Church to interested parties under the principle of subsidiarity in an atmosphere of dialogue and mutual respect.

Vision: To be a professional and operational body responsible for public relations and media relations of the Archdiocese of Zagreb.
Mission: To use wisely the resources of social communication to spread the Gospel, to open the church to public, and to create a positive image of the Church in public by the quality of services provided and two-way communication.

Address: Kaptol 31, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 4894 878
E-mail: tiskovni@zg-nadbiskupija.hr
Official website: www.zg-nadbiskupija.hr
Head: Rev. Tomislav Hačko

Associates: Ivana Bosiljevac, Maja Božić, Manda Hadrović
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