Zagrebačka nadbiskupija

Archdiocese of Zagreb

Archdiocesan Classical Gymnasium

Archdiocesan Classical Gymnasium opened its doors in Kaptol 29 in 1920. In 1928 it was relocated to its present address in Voćarska cesta 106 after the construction of a grand complex in Šalata was completed, due to the kindness and care of archbishop Bauer and bishop Akšamović.

In the beginning, as it was envisioned, it raised and educated future priests. It persisted during the difficult days of the war and post-war period. In communism, although it was not accredited, it stored and transmitted a message of love and knowledge. When Croatia gained its independence the Archdiocesan Classical Gymnasium was again accredited so it could once more open its door to all the boys, and later on even girls, who love knowledge, ancient and Christian spirit.

These three values are the foundation of European culture and what makes the Archdiocesan Classical Gymnasium a school of the future. Today, four hundred pupils go to our school and it employs fifty teachers. Our heritage is rich: we inherited a spirit of faith, hope and love from our founders and our predecessors’ perseverance, wisdom and knowledge.

The luxurious green area under the observatory, close to the center of Zagreb, teaches us about the harmony of nature and man. This harmony ensures harmony among people as well. We are each other’s friends, teachers, support and joy.

As we mentioned earlier, the Archdiocesan Classical Gymnasium is in Voćarska 106 in Zagreb neighbourhood of Šalata near the Šalata Clinical Research Center and the Ruđer Bošković Institute.

The school is known for its observatory dome, which you will easily notice if you arrive from Vlaška street via Vončinina street, Petrova street via Voćarska street or climb up Schlosser’s stairs.

You can reach the school in five minutes if you take the bus lines 106, 201, or 226 from Kaptol and then exit at the third stop (just after the roundabout).

Address: Voćarska 106, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: +385 1 4680 425
Official website:
Director: Ljuba Duvnjak