Stepinac's life is a guide to the Croats


The feast of blessed Alojzije Stepinac was celebrated on the February 10, 2015 in Zagreb Cathedral with the Eucharist celebration, that was presided by the archbishop of Zagreb His Eminence Josip Cardinal Bozanić.

“Many times has the blessed Alojzije directly or indirectly warned and confirmed that the God’s commandments are unchangeable and that they are above all human laws”, said Cardinal Bozanić on the beginning of his homily.

Reflecting on that day’s readings about the creation of the man, respectively about God’s commandments and reliance in God, Cardinal has pointed out how easily we can see that the blessed Alojzije Stepinac is incorporated into it.

His loyalty until martyrdom was a result of the light of the faith in the Creator, because of the protection of the man who is created in the image of God. Archbishop Stepinac has strongly opposed every law, regulation, words and behaviors that distorted the dignity of a person and moved man away from God. The memorial of Stepinac, considers Cardinal, is talking about fearless whiteness of humanity and truth, faithfulness to the Church, who put all of his reliance in God.

In his homily, he reminded on the famous sermonts of Stepinac, like the one from the October 25 1942, when he publically condemned racism, or also the speech he gave to the doctors in which he called abortion a national suicide.
At the end of his homily, the Cardinal has invited the faithfull to call upon Stepinac, the saint of puriness, in their trials in which they want to separate God from their everyday life.

He anounced that at the beginning of lent time, starting from Zagreb Cathedral, the reliquary of blessed Alojzije will travel from parish to parish and the people will gather around it. The relicts of blessed Alojzije will stay in one parish at least for a day. The pilgrimage of the relicts that starts this lent will finish on the feast of blessed Alojzije next year.

„We are here in Cathedral of blessed Alojzije Stepinac praying for his help, and also for his canonization. We call upon him and we pray with him for our children and youth, for married couples and our families, for all in need, for all who are prosecuted and all those who suffer, for our war veterans and for our dear Croatian people“, said Cardinal Bozanić at the end of his homily.

Press Office of the Archdiocese of Zagreb