Cardinal Bozanić: We must oppose the culture of exclusion, division and irresponsibility


Archbishop of Zagreb Josip cardinal Bozanić was guest in Branimir Bilić's show „Glas za čovjeka” (Voice for the human) on Croatian national television, on may 18th 2015.

In the introduction part of the show cardinal presented his own experience in meeting people inside the Archdiocese of Zagreb, stating that the hardest meetings were with the young and unemployed people. Society is made of a majority that is living in poverty and a minority that with every day has more and more, while the middle class is disappearing.

Cardinal said that someone always must take the responsibility, and that the authorities are obliged to find a way how to overcome the injustice and to create a society of equal possibility for everyone.

On the question about the Church and the calling of pope Francis that she has to be among the people, and that she has to offer help for the poor, Cardinal answered that people are inseparable from the Church because the people are the Church. He also stated that the Church has to focus her goods on the needs of people.

The only way in overcoming the division of society has to be found in truthful dialog that is asking for acceptance and forgiveness – said the Cardinal, adding that is important to know the truth and not to lay stress on people with ideologies.

At the end of the show, Cardinal said that we are expecting the canonization of the blessed Alojzije Stepinac, and he hopes that the canonization will take part in Croatia.

Press office of the Archdiocese of Zagreb